Wags and Wicked Weather
Here's how to tell if Wags will be open.
This applies to hurricanes, snow storms, heavy rain, flooding, volcanic eruptions, etc.
Bad Weather Ahead!

Wags will post information about closing on:
Facebook wags.doggie.daycare
By email or on our phone (757) 965-9052
Check them all.

Find more about Weather in Norfolk, VA
Click for weather forecast

If Norfolk Public Schools and/or ODU close, so will Wags. They tend to err on the side of caution so use this more as a rule of thumb rather than something chiseled into stone--sometimes they will close because a weather event is forecast but doesn't happen. Call us.

If the Naval Base closes or "Essential Personnel Only", no question: Wags is closed.

If Starbucks or Total Wine close, so will Wags (kind of kidding about this).

What happens if a weather event forces us to close early?
We will contact you or your emergency contact to come and get your dog.

Need to update your emergency contact? Email the information to update@wagsdoggiedaycare.com

What happens if you can't get your dog?
Wags has safely withstood everything nature has thrown at it so far so keeping you, our staff, and your dog safe during wicked weather is our primary concern.
If your dog must stay overnight you will be charged our standard boarding fee.

Always call us if you have any questions.