"We used the DIY dog bath and found it to be amazing!
Our dog gets very anxious at grooming appointments and this way we could keep him calm.
It is only $15- and all supplies are provided.
Then...they do all clean up! We will be back!"

The same professional tubs, tools,shampoos and
results without the professional price!
$15 per dog, no matter how tall, how much your dog weighs or what kind of coat! No guessing about how much it will cost! All dogs, small, medium, large or huge just $15.00 (flea and tick shampoo $4 more).

 Clean up your dog without cleaning out your wallet!
We provide everything you need...
Except the dog.
Professional waist high tubs
Professional waterproof aprons
Professional shampoos and conditioners
Professional brushes to scrub with
Professional extra thirsty terry towels
Professional high volume low heat dog dryers
The same professional results at a fraction of the professional price.
Less stress for you and your dog
It's you and your dog having fun in the suds!

Fun, easy and less stressful dog wash!You clean up your dog, we clean up after you!
No reservations for dog washes, come in any time between 7:00 AM and 6:30 PM Monday through Friday, Saturday between 10:00 AM and 3:30 PM.
Last self wash at 6:30 PM weekdays, 3:30 PM Saturday.
If your dog has fleas we will require you to use our flea shampoo ($4.00 more). All dogs must be leashed. Aggressive dogs will be asked to leave.